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Sunshine Coast Fly Screens

Aroona Security Doors and Screens supplies, manufactures and installs a wide range of Sunshine Coast fly screens. Our vast range is designed to suit the varying needs of all properties, while providing options to match the aesthetics of the space. From our base in Caloundra, we professionally service homes in the Sunshine Coast region including surrounding areas such as Palmview, Maleny, Beerwah and the Glasshouse Mountains.

With over 35 years of experience installing screens, you can ensure our team is professional and proficient. All of our insect screens are manufactured in-house, to the specifications of your home and include a 12-month warranty. We also offer a range of replacement and repair services for any existing screens you may have. Carrying a variety of options to suit different lifestyles and applications, view our gallery to see the different fly screens that Aroona Security Doors and Screens supply.

For more information or to request a quote, please get in touch on (07) 5491 6663.

Fibreglass Insect Screens: Optimal Airflow

Fibreglass fly screens refer to the material of the mesh within the screen. This option is both high-quality and economic. They are the standard screens, providing excellent airflow and protection from insects and bugs. The frames are custom-made to fit to your property’s existing windows, ensuring a perfect fit with no gaps to let pests in. Perfect for anybody looking for a budget-friendly option that allows optimal airflow and comfort during summer.

PawProof Insect Screens: For Pet Owners

PawProof mesh, also made from fibreglass, boasts heavy-duty, thicker strands to minimise damage caused by pets to your screens. These mesh holes are made slightly wider, to optimise airflow yet still provide an effective barrier against insects. We can also install various sizes of pet doors, for the perfect combination! This screen type is also a suitable option for families, to protect their screens from potential damage caused by children.

Midge Mesh Screens: Keeping Even the Smallest Bugs Out

Perfect for coastal areas, midge mesh screens boast smaller holes to keep out midges and other tiny insects. Their mesh is also made from high-quality fibreglass, but the strands are finer and have smaller holes. Specifically designed to provide maximum reliable protection from every insect type. This mesh type is ideal for properties in coastal or foliage-dense areas, such as the Sunshine Coast.

Aluminium Mesh Screens: Ultimate Fire Safety

Screens with mesh that is made out of aluminium are stronger and designed to provide maximum protection from fires. This mesh is specifically safety approved for properties located in areas with high bush fire dangers. Aluminium mesh screens are stronger and more durable, with the ability to withstand weathering. This is a budget-friendly choice, perfect for anyone specifically seeking fire safety screens.

All screen types above are available for both windows and doors. They are fully customiseable, with the ability to choose the frame colour from any of our powder coated colours. It is important to note that while these screens are high-quality, strong and durable, they are not classified as security screens. If you require security screens then we recommend our Crimsafe product range.

Sunshine Coast Fly Screens

For more information about Sunshine Coast fly screens get in touch with the friendly team at Aroona Security Doors and Screens on (07) 5491 6663.