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Aroona Security Doors and Screens are specialists in manufacturing and installing a wide range of diamond grille screens. We professionally supply, manufacture and install the screens locally. Diamond grille screens are screens that incorporate high-quality mesh, designed to keep insects out. They also feature a grille that the mesh is attached to, to minimise break-ins and intruders.

Diamond grille screens are available for both windows and doors and are customised to suit the property they are going into. With the option of having pet doors of various sizes installed, these screens are truly versatile. Grilles are available in the classic black look but can also be powder coated in a variety of colours to match the frame of the installation site. Diamond Grilles are available in both single and triple lock options. View our gallery here for customisation ideas.

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Diamond Grille: Difference Between Security and Barrier Screens

There are several types of screens in Australia: fly screens, barrier screens and security screens. Fly screens are basic door or window screens that protect your home from unwanted bugs and insects. Barrier screens include an added layer of protection above fly screens. For example, the grille on diamond grille screens provides reassurance that nobody is able to fit a fist through the holes in the grille.

Australia has strict terms and tests that dictate whether or not a screen can be classed as a security screen. Official Australian standards outline several strict criteria that a screen must meet, including the mesh or grill strength and structural integrity of the frame. One of the identifying criteria is the triple lock: security screens have three deadbolts, preventing damage to, or removal of the frame. Not all screens are created equal, and diamond grille screens are not automatically classed as security screens – you will need to upgrade to the triple lock system for your diamond grill to be classified as a security screen.

Diamond Grille Screen Features:

Any diamond grille screen is automatically classed as a barrier screen, because of its protective grille. It provides peace of mind, knowing that someone cannot fit a fist through the grille to unlock the door. As a barrier screen, diamond grilles are sturdy and very difficult to damage. They are the perfect option for property owners concerned with security but looking to stick to a strict budget.

You can select any mesh type including:

  • Basic Fibreglass – perfect for allowing optimal airflow.
  • Paw Proof – designed for homes with pets and children.
  • Midge Mesh – to keep even the smallest of insects out.
  • Aluminium Mesh – for peace of mind and bushfire safety.

See more in-depth information about the different mesh types, on our fly screen page.

Diamond Grille: Australian Standard Security Screens

Diamond grille screens can easily be converted into security screens that are compliant with strict Australian standards. This conversion can be done in the installation process. Provided the mesh you select is compliant, we simply add a triple-locking system into doors or make the window frame compliant. A common mistake made is one where a pet door is added to a security screen. This voids its status as a security screen and makes it a barrier screen.

The triple locking system on security screen doors includes three deadbolts: one at the top, one in the middle and one at the bottom of the door. This ensures that even if the frame is bent in the event of a break-in, nobody can fit through the damaged frame areas. For windows, the screens are bolted to a structurally sturdy window frame to ensure the screens cannot be bent.  By converting to a security screen, it provides your property with ultimate safety and allows you to have peace of mind.

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